Hull Truck Theatre
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“It’s not only about the bricks and mortar, it’s about the character of the place. it is an outstanding scheme that has not only enhanced it’s local surroundings it’s architecture but by focusing on the principles of cohesive design, it has become a real part of the community”
Civic Trust Citation
John Godber, the leading playwright, was clear in his requirements for the new home for Hull Truck Theatre Company: a building “rooted in Hull” that resonates clearly with "the broader historical, architectural, and cultural context". We tried to deliver just that. Brick was used to situate the theatre amidst the grand warehouses of Hull while a foyer containing bars and café are prominently displayed in the window within, all three enveloped by the warm brick skin that forms the building’s exterior. Performance spaces have innovative environmental solutions, the main auditorium seats 450 and the flexible studio theatre which holds 150 use passive ventilation and low energy heating solutions.
—  Civic Trust Award 2010
—  Civic Trust Special Award
     for Inclusive Design 2010
—  BCIA Award 2010
—  BCIA Prime Minister’s Award
     2010: Shortlisted
—  RIBA Award 2010
—  Best UK Public Building:
     Brick Awards 2009
—  Building of the year: RIBA White
     Rose Award 2009
—  Sustainable Futures : RIBA White
     Rose Award 2009
—  Gold Award for Architecture:
     RIBA White Rose Award 2009

Design Team
Max Fordham LLP
Alan Baxter Associates
Menzies Partnership
David Bonnet & Associates
Davis Langdon
AMP Acoustics
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