Geffrye Museum


“Wright & Wright Architects are an excellent choice for the museum; they have a strong record of award-winning work with heritage buildings, sensitive sites and complex problems. They are listeners and have the interests of visitors, users and the general public at heart. We are looking forward to working in partnership with our local and wider communities”  David Dewing, Former Director Geffrye Museum


The Geffrye Museum, set within 18th-century almshouses in Hackney, documents the specialist theme of home. Its broad appeal and charm hinges on the domesticity of both its collection and the existing buildings which house them. The ‘Unlocking the Geffrye’ project will develop the museum’s existing buildings and create new spaces, meaning the visitor experience will be transformed and the museum will be protected and sustained for generations to come. The project takes its cues from the museum’s existing buildings, bringing into play 70% more space, creating new arenas for exhibition and study, transforming the existing visitor experience and revealing previously unseen parts of the buildings. This includes opening up the lower ground and first floors of the main almshouse building, so visitors can explore previously hidden parts of the museum, as well as greatly improving access throughout the buildings and gardens, ensuring the programme of community events can be expanded. Along with creating an additional entrance opposite Hoxton station and a new gallery and collection study centre, these actions will allow more treasures from the collections to be seen and enjoyed. Building a new Learning Pavilion and Studio Pavilion will revitalise the existing learning activities and programmes for people of all ages, and this is a key aspect of the proposal.