Cremer Street



Wright & Wright are working with local developers to create a new block of housing on Cremer Street, adjacent to the Geffrye Museum and near Hoxton station. When developing the massing of the new block, the historical precedent for Cremer Street and the idea of reinstating the street edge has been used as inspiration. 

At the moment, the derelict building serves merely as a remnant of a Victorian streetscape, and sits alone on the edge of the museum’s site, which it overlooks. Developing adjacent to the Cremer Street building will both retain, stabilise and enhance the remnant building by anchoring the corner, while also redefining the street edge through updated housing design that reflects 21st-century living. 

The new building is four storeys with a ground floor of museum café use and three residential floors above. The proposed elevations of the new extension building respond to the scale and mass of the museum and the other buildings in the surrounding area.