Corpus Christi College, Cambridge


“The practice cites Ruskin’s edict, ‘when we build, let us think that we build forever’, as a sentiment close to its heart…”  - Ellis Woodman, Building Design 

‘Wright & Wright’s sleight of hand makes hard things look effortless as they devise ingenious ways to use, transform and connect pockets of space.’ - Cathy Slessor, Architectural Review


Corpus Christi College is one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge. It is centrally located and occupies an entire block of the historic city, and our task was to transform a former bank hall into a modern library. A new court was created alongside the library and now provides offices, accommodation, a bar and brand new JCR. Listed buildings were carefully restored and new ones finely detailed. The use of high-quality long-life materials will help ensure the new buildings last as long as their historic predecessors.

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