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Hull Truck Theatre was the first theatre project completed by Wright & Wright.  Leading playwright John Godber was clear in his requirements for a new home for the Hull Truck Theatre Company: a building ‘rooted in Hull’ that would resonate with the context of the city and provide a relaxed and convivial environment for audiences.  The firm’s fresh perspective on theatre design proved a distinct advantage as it allowed a freedom in design development without being inhibited by preconceptions.

Most theatres employ heavy air-conditioning systems that are both costly and unsightly.  By contrast, Hull Truck is naturally ventilated. Performance spaces - the main auditorium seats 450 and the flexible studio theatre seats 150 - were designed to maximise passive means of environmental control and low energy heating solutions, making it one of the greenest theatres in the UK.

I certainly feel that they have a relationship with the building which is deep and personal. In short, they care; it’s an essential ingredient for making anything work, no less the case for a new theatre.

John Godber

An early sketch for Hull Truck Theatre, Wright & Wright

Conceived as a simple book end that reinstates a street edge and the corner of a city block, Hull Truck’s architecture is robust and unpretentious.  Dark brick was used to situate the theatre amid the city’s grand industrial warehouses, while a foyer containing bars and a café forms an inviting shop window, designed to attract patrons.  A glowing, graphic ‘billboard’ in theatrical red neon signposts the building from afar.

Architectural model for Hull Truck Theatre, Wright & Wright


  • Civic Trust Award 2010
  • Civic Trust Special Award for Inclusive Design 2010
  • BCIA Award 2010
  • BCIA Prime Minister’s Award 2010: Shortlisted
  • RIBA Award 2010
  • Best UK Public Building: Brick Awards 2009
  • Building of the year: RIBA White Rose Award 2009
  • Sustainable Futures : RIBA White Rose Award 2009
  • Gold Award for Architecture: RIBA White Rose Award 2009