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Since 2018, Wright & Wright have supported the British Museum on a range of projects, addressing both strategic planning and the more immediate issues of fabric repair and management of its historic buildings. 

Revitalising existing structures and sensitively incorporating new elements enables the Museum to address the challenges of the future as a world-class institution.  Such programmes of works are made more logistically complex by the need for the Museum to remain open at all times, maintaining operational activity for visitors and staff, while safeguarding its unique collection and array of historic buildings. 

As part of its ongoing working partnership, Wright & Wright were re-appointed to the Museum framework in 2021.

The Building

As a focus of national cultural life, the Museum is a constantly evolving organism, responding to the challenges and ambitions of different eras.  Its collection of listed buildings in Central London underpins its core activities of curation, care and display of objects that it holds in trust for the world.  It is a complex aggregation of architecture from many different periods, in a perpetual state of flux: the processes of building work, repair and reordering of the collection has been more or less continuous since the Museum’s founding.

Aerial view of the British Museum.