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Orange cover of a book with gold writing saying Lambeth Palace Library Wright & Wright

The definitive guide to the history and creation of Lambeth Palace Library, designed by Wright & Wright, this publication features essays by Giles Mandelbrote (Librarian at Lambeth Palace), Declan Kelly (Former Director of Libraries & Archives for the National Church Institutions of the Church of England), and Clare Wright (Founding Partner at Wright & Wright). 

Through richly illustrated insights on the vision behind the project, the history of Lambeth Palace, the unparalleled collection of the Church of England, and the preservation, planning and curation of its archive, outlines both the concepts and technical studies which underpinned the realisation of the award-winning building.

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Inside pages of a book with an image of a man in an archive at left and text at right
Inside spread of a book with an image of the reading room at Lambeth Palace Library


This new, sustainable library building will protect the collections for generations to come and provide us with opportunities to make the materials, the stories, and the treasures within it more accessible and more widely used than has ever been possible before.

- The Most Reverend & Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


'Worth its weight in gold' (Clare Wright)


Collection (Giles Mandelbrote)

Preservation, Planning & Curation (Declan Kelly)



Building Study


Project Team

Image Credits


Clare Wright, Founding Partner at Wright & Wright

Giles Mandelbrote, Librarian and Archivist, Lambeth Palace Library

Declan Kelly, Former Director of Libraries & Archives at Church Commissioners for England

Catherine Slessor, Former Editor, The Architectural Review

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