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Green cover of a book with gold writing saying Museum of the Home Wright & Wright

This publication details the history of the Museum of the Home and Wright & Wright's award-winning, ecologically-minded design project for its current site and buildings.  A community-centric scheme, it stemmed from a holistic redefinition of exhibition, storage and community spaces. 

With a remarkable collection telling the story of British domestic life housed in a set of richly atmospheric 18th century almshouses, the Museum of the Home is an institution of national significance.  The remodeling of the existing building doubled the publicly accessible areas, created 80% more exhibition space and ameliorated the building’s deterioration, with no commensurate increase in energy consumption or the costly carbon count associated with a new build.

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Open book with images and text
Open book with images and text
Open book with images and text
Open book with images and text


Catherine Slessor, Former Editor, The Architectural Review

Charles Saumarez Smith CBE, Art Historian

Clare Wright, Founding Partner of Wright & Wright

Hélène Binet, Artist

Sonia Solicari, Director of the Museum of the Home


Foreword (Charles Saumarez Smith CBE)

'Home is where one starts from...' (Clare Wright)


Reframing Domesticity (Sonia Solicari)


Photo Essay (Hélène Binet)


Building Study


Project Team

Image Credits

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